Last week we received a letter from Ministry of Health Assistant Deputy Minister Ted Patterson, acknowledging the error that was contained in the Ministry of Health Service Plan and noting that the Ministry had made an amendment (see page 2, erratum) to correct the statement that increases in NP scope of practice  would be overseen by the College of Physicians and Surgeons.


BCNPA is very proud of the work we have done to ensure this correction was made, and to hold the Ministry and Minister accountable for this unfortunate error.  We will continue to press government to make the changes needed to properly integrate NPs into the healthcare system, and eliminate the barriers that prevent NPs from practicing at their full scope of practice.


Our work is just beginning, but we are encouraged that our first goal has been successfully achieved.  We look forward to working in close collaboration with the Ministry going forward, and hope you will all join us as we continue to push forward to ensure nurse practitioners are a vital, and permanent, participant in every aspect of our healthcare system.
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Nurse Practitioners provide accessible, efficient, and effective health care that meets the highest standards of practice. 

Nurse Practitioners are Masters and Doctoral prepared Advanced Practice Nurses who diagnose and treat diseases and health conditions, educate and support patients who have health issues that range from simple to complex and acute to chronic.

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