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Attention Nurse Practitioners.

The Ministry of Health has indicated that Encounter Code Reporting will begin on October 1, 2014 for all Nurse Practitioners. BCNPA is very pleased that this method of tracking will soon be in place as it captures the activity, disease entity and complexity of patient care delivery and is the only useful and practical method of evaluating NP practice.

We recognize that some health authority administrators have distributed other forms and documents requiring NPs to track their patient activity. BCNPA does not support these proposed reporting options as the health authorities have not been able to explain how the integrity or reliability of the data will be maintained. BCNPA recommends that NPs wait until the Ministry’s Encounter Code Reporting goes live, rather than fill out time consuming forms that will quickly become redundant. We encourage NPs to talk to their manager or contact BCNPA if they have any questions or concerns.

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Nurse Practitioners provide accessible, efficient, and effective health care that meets
the highest standards of practice.

In British Columbia a Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a Registered Nurse with a Masters Degree, advanced knowledge and skills who provides high quality health care. NPs are able to diagnose, consult, order & interpret tests, prescribe, and treat health conditions. They work independently and collaboratively to provide British Columbians with Primary and Specialized Health Care using a team-based approach.

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