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10 years: Celebrating success… focusing on the future


BCNPA’s 10th annual conference will be held from June 12-15, 2015 in beautiful downtown Vancouver, B.C. at the centrally located Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Our goals are to provide NPs with opportunities for professional growth and practice, offer an interesting and educational program with topics covering the life span of patients in our practices, and the opportunity to network with BCNPA members with similar interests.

The call for abstracts is now closed (as of January 26, 2015). Thank you to all who submitted!

Stay tuned to this space for information about how to register for this historic 10th annual conference!
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The BCNPA is seeking election for the following board of director positions


  • President (2-year term)
  • Vice President (1-year term)
  • Treasurer (2-year term)
  • Director – Vancouver Urban Region (2-year term)
  • Director – Interior Region (2-year term)
  • Director – Northern Region (2-year term)
  • NP Student Representative (1-year term)

To nominated an Nurse Practitioner for a Board of Directors position or submit a Resolution following the steps below:

  1. Login to your member profile
  2. Scroll over Member Area and select FORMS
  3. Select Board Nomination Form to nominate a member for a position
  4. Select Resolution Form to put forth a resolution for the AGM
  5. Complete forms – incomplete forms will not be accepted
  6. Submit forms

Questions regarding submission of resolutions and nominations can be directed to



Personal Liability Insurance

Over the past year the BC Nurse Practitioner Association has been advocating for changes to the current insurance policy held by College of Registered Nurses of BC for Nurse Practitioners. We are pleased to announce that through our advocacy work changes to the policy have been implemented to provide individual Nurse Practitioners with insurance that provides for greater personal liability protection. While this policy does not support all our requires as a profession we are pleased to see that the College of Registered Nurses of BC (CRNBC) and Association of Registered Nurses of BC (ARNBC) have heard our concerns and responded appropriately. We look forward to working with the CRNBC and ARNBC towards having a policy that will fully support Nurse Practitioner needs in the future.

The current policy is held by Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) Canada Inc. and is being managed through ARNBC.

The insurance coverage is restricted to:

  1. Nursing services that constitute the practice of nursing in accordance with the Nurses (Registered) and Nurse Practitioners Regulation under the Health Professions Act and the CRNBC Standards of Practice
  2. Your insurance is provided by Encon Group Inc. The liability limits are:
  • Ten million ($10,000,000 CAD) for nurse practitioners
  • There is no deductible. The coverage is worldwide, as long as any claim is first brought against you in Canada. This insurance will only pay limits in excess of any other insurance (or protection) available to you through your employer or other sources.
  • You are also provided with Commercial General Liability insurance by Encon Group Inc. The limit of liability is $2,000,000. A deductible of $500 applies to property damage claims. Contact for more information.

Additional Personal Liability protection can be obtained from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS)

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