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As the voice of Nurse Practitioners in BC, BCNPA represents nurse practitioners (NPs) and their patients on critical issues related to legislation, regulation, access to care, patient safety, health care reform, reimbursement, and other concerns at all policy levels. In addition to advocating on issues that impact NPs and their patients, we represent NPs on various committees, working with the Ministry of Health to further integrate NPs into our health care system.

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Encounter Reporting

The Encounter Reporting process, a requirement of the Ministry of Health is to ensure enhanced accountability for nurse practitioner program expenditures through increased accuracy in reporting and patient utilization information.  Nurse practitioners are required by the Ministry of Health to submit appropriate encounter records, including encounter codes and ICD9 codes, through the ministry’s Medical Claims Payment System/Health Insurance BC. To learn more about encounter record submission procedures CLICK HERE.

Nurse Practitioner Education Session CLICK HERE.

NP Funding/Reimbursement

Nurse Practitioners employed by Health Authorities should refer to their terms and conditions of employment for Non-Contract Employees – under heading Professional Development & Memberships.

Provincial Legislation/Regulation


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