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Nominations are closed.  The  results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting which will take place Thursday, June 7th, 2018, between 3:30 – 6:30 pm, at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre in Nanaimo, BC.   There will be no need online voting. 

President Elect Candidate

Dani Daigle, BsN, MsN, NP(F)

Since pursuing my NP career, I have been an active and passionate member of the BCNPA. For the past 2 years, I have served as the Conference Chair of a dedicated committee of NPs to deliver an amazing educational and networking opportunity for NPs across the province. In my 22 years experience as a nurse, I have worked collaboratively at the bedside, mentored students and new nurses, and held a variety of leadership roles. I am fiercely dedicated to patient advocacy and believe that our nursing profession is strongest when all disciplines work collaboratively and practice to full scope. Nursing is on the cusp of a very exciting chapter of unparalleled collaboration, and I look forward to working with the BCNPA Executive as we strive to unite the profession and affect positive healthcare change for British Columbians.


Secretary  Candidate

Tamera Stilwell, BsN, MsN, NP(F)

I have served as BCNPA secretary since 2016.  I believe continuity is important during this time of transition for BCNPA. I have been a supporter of BCNPA since its inception and prior to my current role as secretary, I also served on the communications committee and web-ops committee. I graduated from the UBC NP program in 2007, after an eclectic 15 year nursing career. As a family NP in Vancouver I have worked in Refugee Health and general family practice and currently work in primary care clinics with a focus on marginalized and newcomer women. I am passionate about the potential of NPS to be meaningfully integrated into our health care system to contribute to health care reform and the health of British Columbians.


Fraser Regional Director Candidate

Elizabeth Mulvaney, MPH, NP(Cardiology)

I am a strong believer in the value of belonging to our professional organization. Nurse Practitioners are small in numbers but have a great respect amongst the public and health professionals. I bring that conviction to my role as Regional Director. I am approachable and an open communicator anxious to facilitate dialogue between the NPs working in FHA and the BCNPA Board. I have held this role for two years and have become familiar with the workings of and the members of both FHA Department of NPs and the BCNPA Board of Directors. I would like the opportunity to continue the work started for another two years. It is a very exciting and dynamic period for NPs and Nurses in BC with the chance to create new relationships.


Island Regional Director Candidate

Bryan Schultz, MsN, NP(F)

After practicing as an NP for 4 years, I am keenly interested in the opportunity to provide regional representation for Vancouver Island at a time of evolution for nursing. As we look forward to the BCNPA transitioning to the NNPBC it is increasingly important that the NPs on Vancouver Island receive accurate and timely updates while having their voice heard at provincial tables. I would emphasize working towards opportunities for multiple funding models for NP practice. I would focus on increasing the publics access to NPs for their primary care provider. I would also, work towards developing strengthened inter-professional relationships between NPs and other healthcare stakeholders and providers such as our physician colleagues.


Student Representative Candidate

Devlin McDermitt, RN, NP Student

The ability to work in a variety of settings allows nurse practitioners to be in a unique position to examine health inequities and advocate for change in various areas of the health care system; their further integration into the health care system is crucial to bring about positive change. I have had the pleasure of conversing with the current BCNPA Student Representative, Sarah Jesshope, who has emphasized the importance of student participation in promoting the NP role. I have witnessed how the BCNPA provides supports for NP students, NPs and is constantly advocating to further promote the role of NPs. As the NP Student Representative, I will engage with BCNPA board members, Nurse Practitioners, allied health care professionals, and the public to further promote the amazing work of NPs and advocate for their integration at all levels of the health care system.


Provincial Health Services Authority Candidate

No nominations received.

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