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BCNPA NP Awards of Excellence

Congratulations to Wendy Bowles and Sue Peck the recipients of the 2017 BCNPA Award of Excellence.

Board Member: Wendy Bowles
Wendy Bowles
Leadership and Administration
Wendy was nominated for this award in the domain of leadership and administration. For those of you from Fraser Health, you will be very familiar with Wendy’s outstanding capabilities in this area.
She initially graduated from VGH school of nursing in 1991, and went on to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at UBC in 1996 and subsequently to complete her Master of Nursing- Nurse Practitioner program at UVic in 2009.
Wendy has an extensive background in nursing and NP engagement and leadership as demonstrated by her many years of involvement with numerous committees including as past president of the Canadian Society of Vascular Nursing, past Editor of the BC lymphedema society newsletter, past executive board member ARNBC, and involvement over the years with BCNPA. She is a Member of the HEABC patient safety and quality committee, and co-chair for the multi-professional QI working group within HEABC.
Since 2013 she has served as the NP Lead for Fraser Health and is now currently the Regional Department Head, Department of Nurse Practitioners, Fraser Health. It is in these latter roles where Wendy’s high caliber as a leader is most evidenced. She has worked tirelessly to forge the way for NPs in FHA to become a privileged and credentialed and is an integral part of creating the First Department of Nurse Practitioners in the province.
She is an unyielding advocate for NP practice and for NPs to be included at key stakeholder tables throughout FHA and the province. She is respected as a mentor for new Nurse Practitioners within FHA and advocates heartily for organizational change to better support both novice and experienced NPs in their practice.
Some of the sentiments in the letters of support for this nomination, include: ” a phenomenal teacher and mentor”, “honoured to know her” “accessible and supportive” an agent for “tremendous positive change”, “positive energy” “fierce advocate”, “dedicated”, “passionate”,”Excellence in inter-professional communications” and overall, “a great leader”!
Those of you who know Wendy, will recognize the truth in those sentiments and know that along side all of her leadership work, Wendy has continued to engage in clinical practice including the creation of a new NP role in vascular care -in of itself an amazing feat! And as if all of this wasn’t enough she is very active in her community, with her family and with her hobby – which I believe she is also highly passionate about – Her love of horses.
Sue Peck
Sue Peck
Leadership, clinical practice, health and professional advocacy and teaching
Sue was nominated for this award in several domains, including leadership, clinical practice, health and professional advocacy and teaching. So you can see she is very well-rounded. She has a diverse background in Nursing and NP practice in terms of all of those domains. She originally completed her Nursing training at VGH school of nursing in 1980 and went on to complete her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with distinction, at UVic in 2000. She started her clinical nursing practice off in critical care and emergency settings, but being a life-long learner with a passion for teaching, went on to become faculty and later, program head for the Emergency speciality program at BCIT, where her astute clinical and leadership skills did not go unnoticed. She went on to become involved in the initial and development of the Post-Masters Adult NP program at BCIT and while juggling several balls to lead work on that initiative, she herself completed her Masters of Science in Nursing -Family Nurse Practitioner program at UBC in 2006 – which was the first class of Nurse Practitioners to graduate in BC. So this tells you about her pioneering spirit!
From there Sue has gone on to become an outstanding Nurse Practitioner with a focus on geriatrics and primary care. Over the years not only has she excelled clinically but she has made time to provide NP instruction both formally at universities and as a preceptor to a multitude of students over the years. She has also diligently engaged in leadership activities and advocacy work on behalf of Nurse Practitioners including leading and engaging in numerous stakeholder committees including within the CRNBC, Fraser Health Authority, other provincial NP committees, and of course, with BCNPA, as you know she has recently stepped up to become our new president elect, so her work in this regard continues.
I’m going to share with you, some of the words and phrases used to describe Sue in the many letters of support for her nomination: “Pioneering,” “relentless advocacy,” “exceeding standards of practice”, “exceptional clinical acumen”, “unwavering dedication”, “exceptional mentoring skills”, “privilege to work with”, overall an “outstanding NP!”
Many of you who know Sue personally, will recognize that she is an articulate and staunch advocate for her patients, who will sorely miss her as she has recently retired from her clinical practice at the White Rock Primary Care Access clinic to spend her days Sailing with the love of her life, Brian, but we all know, she’s not completely ready to retire so we will look forward to seeing her continued engagement and involvement as a Nurse Practitioner, and BCNPA member and leader most deserving of this award of excellence.
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