Keynote Speaker | BCNPA

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Eileen Owen-Williams is the Keynote Speaker for the BCNPA Conference 2017.


Dr. Owen-Williams is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing at the University of Arizona. Eileen has been an educator in the USA and Canada over the past couple of decades and active in establishing Nurse Practitioner Programs in British Columbia (BC). Dr. Owen-Williams completed her studies as an FNP with a research focus on sexual abuse of children for her Master’s thesis at the University of Washington in 1979-1983. She continued her clinical graduate education in Nurse Midwifery at the University of California at San Diego and Oregon Health Sciences University, to foster integration of perinatal care within her primary care practice. Dr. Owen-Williams received a Doctorate of Nursing Practice at the University of Tennessee (UT) in Forensic Nursing in 2006, with a focus on sexual assault. She then continued onto PhD studies at UT with a research focus on elder abuse and intergenerational relationships within First Nations communities in Northern BC.

Dr. Owen-Williams has incorporated forensics into her academic and clinical practices and has practiced as a sexual assault examiner over the past 26 years in an advanced practice role in remote, rural and urban locations within the United States and Canada. Eileen has specialized as a clinician, administrator, consultant, educator and expert witness in the area of child sexual abuse and elder abuse, and medical negligence, and remains active in pursuing the integration of forensics into nursing curriculums within North America. Dr. Owen-Williams’ research interests include remote and rural health, adolescent health, women’s health, sexual assault, elder abuse, injury prevention, social justice and Indigenous health. Eileen has international consulting experience in Canada and Australia regarding Indigenous health disparities, forensics, advanced nursing practice, and rural and remote primary care. Dr. Owen-Williams has recently relocated to Phoenix Arizona where she joined the faculty of the University of Arizona.

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