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Board Member: Fiona Huchinson
Fiona Hutchison
Fiona has been nursing for 25 years with a clinical background mainly in Chronic Disease Management and Nephrology Nursing. She has also worked as Program Head and Educator with the BCIT Nephrology Nursing Speciality program. For the past the past 5 years she has worked in Adult Cardiology in Surrey and prior to that she worked as a Primary Care NP with a focus on mental health and substance use. She completed Master of Science in Health Promotion from the University of Alberta in 2002 and completed her NP program at UNBC in 2008. She has worked with BCNPA in many capacities in the past including Communications Chair, Conference Planning Co-Chair, Website Committee, and on the Executive as Secretary. She is looking forward to the new challenge and opportunity as Interim President Elect.

Kathleen Fyvie
Past President
Kathleen is a family nurse practitioner working in a tertiary centre acute care hospital. She is the NP for an innovative multi-disciplinary team responsible for the care and management of people with multi-system traumatic injuries.  Kathleen’s background is extensively Emergency and Post-anaesthetic recovery nursing and includes community nursing in the Northwest Territories.  She was on the BCNPA board from 2007-2011 serving as president elect, president and past president, and has held leadership roles on various committees within the BCNPA and community, worked on both MOH Encounter Code working groups and currently sits on the CRNBC NP Exam Committee.  Kathleen holds a diploma in nursing from Vancouver Community College, a certificate in emergency nursing, a BSN from Kwantlen University College and a MN-NP(F) from University of Victoria.  She is passionate about delivering quality healthcare to all British Columbians and committed to working to ensure that NPs will continue to grow in this province and increase access to healthcare in primary care and acute care settings.


Board Member: Sue Peck
Sue Peck
President Elect
Sue- I am excited to be nominated for President-elect of BCNPA. Since 2006 I have been a strong advocate for NP practice and worked hard in many capacities to promote the integration of the NP role in BC. I feel I have both the historical perspective and a strategic vision for the future. Many of you know I am retiring from full time clinical practice; retirement will afford me time to devote to the executive for the next 3 years. NPs as a profession are being noticed for our contributions to the health of British Columbians and our successes have brought us to the cusp of new and exciting challenges. The BCNPA’s current executive has done an excellent job laying the ground work in discussions with the key stakeholders. I feel that I can, as a member of this strong team, help to continue to move the NP agenda forward in BC.
Tamara Stilwell
Tamara Stilwell
Tamara graduated from the UBC NP program in 2007, after an eclectic 15 year nursing career. As a family NP in Vancouver she has worked in Refugee Health ang general family practice. She currently works in primary caer clinics with a focus on marginalized and newcomer women.
Tamera has been a supporter of BCNPA since its inception and now that her children are older she is taking a more active role in the organization, currently serving as secretary and as a member of the communications committee. She is passionate about the potential of NPS to be meaningfully integrated into our health care sytem to contribute to health care reform and the health of British Columbians.

Sandra Broughton
Sandra Broughton, NP(A), APRN-BC, CNRN FHA Neurosurgery-I have been in healthcare services for many years, and owe my success as a new NP from a variety of interests and experience. I have worked as a bedside nurse in medical-surgical nursing and critical care, taught in the clinical and academic setting, and worked as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I am currently the NP for Neurosurgery at the Royal Columbian Hospital, and have been successful in implementing this new role in this specialty population. I am proud to be a leader in this strong interdisciplinary team, and have been successful with decreasing length of stay, increasing the number of discharges, and improved quality of care for patients, families, and staff. I am certified as an neuroscience nurse as advanced practice nurse, and maintain my educational and professional goals. My previous treasurer experience includes that of the Registered Nurses Association of British Columbia, and the Parent Association of the American International School of Johannesburg. The attributes I bring to the position are my leadership skills as well as passion for being an active member of a strong professional association such as the BCNPA.
Sarah Jesshope
Sarah Jesshope
Student Representative
Sarah Jesshope, RN NP(F) – in progress, UVic MN:NP Class of 2018- I was first introduced to the BCNPA by our current Student Representative, Harry Uppal. He spoke to me and my classmates about the role of the BCNPA and the importance of student participation. I have learned about the BCNPA’s role in advocating NP integration into BC health care, and the steps we as students and NPs can take to bring positive change to social and health policy. I believe NPs have the abilities to enhance BC’s health care system, but this shift will require consistent role advocacy and promotion. As the next BCNPA Student Representative I would actively engage with the board and fellow members, using newfound knowledge and connections to further NP student interest and participation within the BCNPA. I have seen first-hand what the BCNPA Student Representative can accomplish and I hope to have the opportunity to further develop this integral role.
Michelle Sims
Vancouver Regional Director
Michelle Sims NP(F), VCH- I am excited to be nominated for the position of Vancouver regional director with BCNPA. My experiences with BCNPA started seven years ago as a student NP and have expanded over the last five years during which time I have had an extraordinary and full NP career. At this time in my profession, I feel ready to promote the BCNPA mission and vision. I want to be involved in this important association which has provided so much support to me and my NP colleagues. Connecting people, resources and knowledge are areas of practice that I am committed to facilitating for my NP colleagues. I am ready for this incredible opportunity to learn, share and connect within our NP community across BC and in Vancouver.
Deborah Lowe
Deborah Lowe
Northern Regional Director
Deborah Lowe NP(F), Northern Health Primary Care- I am interested in being the NHA director for the BCNPA as I have a strong understanding of the different realities of practicing in rural and remote communities. I know that our full scope practices coupled with the scarcity of medical resources, transportation difficulties, and poverty make NP practice very different in the north than in urban centers. I am keen to bring this perspective to the BCNPA and to the health authorities and the government. I am also excited to bring forward the distinct issues that are facing Aboriginal patients. My patient population is 85% Aboriginal and many of us in the north see many Aboriginal patients. I think this perspective is needed at the BCNPA and at the government level and I hope to be able to do this with this position.
Board Member: Liz Mulvaney
Liz Mulvaney
Fraser Regional Director
Liz has been a NP since 2010. She is a graduate of U Vic as well as having a Master of Public Health from the University of Washington. Liz enjoyed my training as a Family NP but her passion has been for Cardiology. She has been at the RCH Cardiac Clinic for five years working with patients with heart failure, atrial fibrillation and coronary artery disease. Her work on the Membership Committee has focused on emphasizing the value of BCNPA membership and the importance of strength in numbers. “We need everyone’s voice”. Fraser Health has been a leader in the implementation of the NP role. It has been an exciting few years to see the maturation as a Department of NPs and as individuals. NPs have passed many milestones and have ambitious plans for the future. Liz looks forward to being the liaison between NPs in FHA and BCNPA.
Board Member: Dianne Middagh
Dianne Middagh
Island Regional Director
Dianne has supported BCNPA since the early days of the association’s inception. Dianne was on BCNPA Strategic directions committee in 2009. Currently Dianne is a member of the BCNPA Membership Committee. Dianne is also a clinical faculty member @ UNBC. In her current position at Vancouver Island University (VIU) Dianne is on the sexual violence and harassment education and response steering committee, Healthyou committee, and mental health and well being committee. As a member of the Island Health CoP Dianne is sitting on a CoP sub committee, the aim of which is to increase the recognition of NPs as providers of health care service with the Health Authority.
Celia Evanson
Celia Evanson
Interior Regional Director
Celia Evanson NP(F), Interior Health Primary Care- Celia is a true prudent professional who exemplifies Family NP role. She works to full family practice scope, she has excellent clinical and communication skills. She is a great leader, mentor to other NPs and NP students /all colleagues She is privileged NP, and a member of NP Dept – she is a member of local MAC- she will promote the mission/vision of BCNPA and IH regional needs, assisted with Conference planning 2016.
Johanne Kenney
Johanne Kenney
PHSA Regional Director
Johanne Kenney NP(F), PHSA BCCA Victoria- As a past member of various nursing boards, including professional associations, affiliate groups and new NP-Led Clinic, I have had experience in participating with groups in the important work of moving the nursing agenda forward in the interest of public safety and membership best interest. I understand the dynamics of working with others in deliberating over issues of current political influences (both from an internal and organizational perspective as well as a regional and provincial perspective). I am very interested in safe practice and in developing processes that ensure safe practice is standard of care, and that the right health care provider is doing the work appropriate to them and in the best interest of the patient.
Brenda Ingram
Administrative Assistant
Brenda has been the part time executive assistant to BCNPA’s board since 2011. She worked for many years as the executive assistant for the presidents of Riverview Hospital and then held the executive assistant position for the president of the BC Mental Health and Addiction Services at PHSA for another 10 years before retiring in 2013.
On her off time, Brenda enjoys hiking, yoga, reading, taking continuing education studies and course, travel, and gardening on her little farm in Whonnock, BC.
“I first took on the executive assistant role as a favour and thought it would be a temporary role…and I’m still here! It’s turned out to be an interesting retirement part time job and gives me purpose.”


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