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A resolution is a formal request for action or change. Some examples of BCNPA’s previous resolutions include reducing the number of student representatives required to participate on the Board from two to one; and tweaks to the Board election process.

Resolutions are best submitted in advance of the AGM to give board an opportunity to review the resolution and have background prepared for the AGM. Resolutions submitted from the floor will be time limited and only heard pending available agenda time.

Once presented, members in attendance may vote on each of the proposed resolutions, as per BCNPA’s bylaws. (Note: students and associate members may not vote on resolutions.)


Submitting a Resolution

  • Log into your member profile.
  • Select Forms from the main menu.
  • Select Resolution Form. (This is an electronic form that is filled out online.)
  • Complete the forms in full. Incomplete forms will not be accepted
  • Submit.

Process for submitting resolutions opens: April 1, 2018

Questions regarding submission of resolutions can be emailed to


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