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BCNPA has several volunteer committees that work on a number of programs and projects through the membership cycle. All BCNPA members are welcome to participate.

Each committee is chaired by at one volunteer member. Each committee also has at least one board member who acts as the executive liaison, whose role is to provide direction to the committee on behalf of the Board, and help resolve project issues and concerns the committee may have.

The time commitment varies from committee to committee. In general, committees hold monthly meetings/conference calls with project work completed outside of that.

Please email for more information.



Communications Committee

The Communications Committee implements BCNPA’s communication strategy and plan for the year. Some of this team’s projects include:

  • Assessing and writing the content for the BCNPA website.
  • Evaluating and monitoring the functionality of the BCNPA website.
  • Streamlining the organization’s communication policy.
  • Establishing a newsletter editor role to ensure timely production and circulation of the member newsletter.
  • Conducting communication satisfaction surveys.


Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans, organizes, and manages all aspects of the BCNPA annual conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM). Some of this team’s responsibilities include:

  • Establishing the conference dates, theme, and program.
  • Booking venues and speakers.
  • Securing sponsorship.
  • Coordinating online registration for participants and sponsors.
  • Manages all administration and logistics.
  • Handles all communication and marketing for the conference and AGM.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for developing strategies to market BCNPA memberships, and build membership numbers. Some of the projects this team is working on include:

  • Engaging with NP students to increase membership and their engagement in BCNPA activities.
  • Developing strategies to attract NPs to BCNPA

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee is responsible for:

  • Providing oversight for the promotion of election calls.
  • Providing information to potential candidates on process for seeking election to the board.
  • Reviewing board nominations and ensures board vacancies are filled with qualified candidates.
  • Ensuring the board nomination process is fair and equitable.

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