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The Beverley & John Carl Student Scholarship is available to eligible a BCNPA student member in the amount of $1,000.

The criteria:

  • Must be a resident of the province of British Columbia
  • Must be enrolled in a British Columbia Nurse Practitioner program
  • Must be a student member of the BC Nurse Practitioners Association
  • Demonstrated ability for nursing leadership

The scholarship is made available through the Canadian Nurses Foundation(CNR). Please go to their website for more on the application process.

The deadline for submission for 2018 is February 22, 2018 at midnight (EST). 

 Past Recipients

  • 2017: Niloofar Esbak
  • 2016: Jennie Woo

The Story behind the Beverley and John Carl Scholarship

–Contributed by Beverley Carl, and Stan Marchuk, Past President.

Beverley and John Carl

“In my twenties, I had a spinal fusion to correct a herniated disc. For the next 50 years, I had annual medical check-ups, was free of any major illness, and required no medications. You can imagine my thoughts to hearing these words from a paramedic: ‘Beverley, you are having a massive heart attack.’

“My husband John and I were at the Vancouver Airport on our 6:00 AM. Saturday shift as Greencoat Volunteers.

“From my post, I saw a woman with her wheelchair bound mother trying to use the escalator. I sprinted towards them to make sure they used the ramp just a few feet away. As I returned to the desk, I experienced shortness of breath and extreme pain in both rib cages. I did not have a history or profile of heart failure, but I knew something was wrong. I asked John to get me an aspirin and call 911.

“The Life Support Ambulance bypassed the ER, and quickly transported us to VGH’s Cath Lab where I received a stent. While in the Cardiac Care Unit, I was seen by a rotation of outstanding cardiologists. I had pneumonia. My hospitalization lasted 14 days. The prognosis: my heart function was at 20%. Ten months later, I received a defibrillator implant.

“Upon my discharge, I was told my recovery would be monitored by the Heart Function Clinic on the 7th Floor of the Diamond Centre in Vancouver. I arrived for my first appointment, wondering who my cardiologist would be. John and I were introduced to Leah Christoff, a nurse practitioner.

“No cardiologist. A nurse practitioner.

‘John: a nurse practitioner! What do you think?’

‘Well,’ he replied, ‘She’s young and very attractive!’

“It was then our education began. It became obvious she had the ability and skills far beyond reading my blood pressure, and assessing my lung fluid. Leah always addressed my questions – there were many – and monitored my medication reactions, anxiety attacks, respiratory issues, potassium deficiency, and a fractured vertebra from a past fall.

“Leah (Christoff), I cannot adequately express my gratitude for your care and support. And, Nola (Wertele), you surely saved my life. Thank you both.

“I believe nurse practitioners are integral to the healthcare system in BC. You are a group of professionals whose devotion to patient care I have experienced, and I greatly admire.

“As our way of contributing to BCNPA’s mission of advancing the NP profession, my husband and I have established an annual scholarship fund to be awarded to one outstanding BCNPA student member a year for 10 years.”

With deep appreciation and gratitude, BCNPA thanks the Carls for their generous gift and ongoing support.

(Article adapted from Beverley’s speech at BCNPA’s AGM in 2015.)

Note: Sadly, Mrs. Carl died on February 25, 2017 at the age of 80. She and John were married for 38 years. BCNPA acknowledges the continued support of the association by the Carl Family.

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